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  • You've been a Mafioso since May 17th, 2007

    I started out oh so many rounds ago in Detroit with a family called Infamous Rednecks. Boss was Hacksaw and his trusted Consig was MistressKay. I used the name DoubleDeuce for a few rounds. After Infamous numbers got smaller we joined up with Odin in PiC union. Did a few round with Omerta families. I ended up playing a few other mafia games and befriended Nexus. Nexus was about to get a family in SouthSide and asked me to be his Consig. It was unheard of for an outsider to get a SS leadership role, but the SS leadership allowed it and I was welcomed. His first SS family was SouthSide_Saints. I became the war general, and we were involved in many different wars. I was given the opportunity to have my own family and opened up SouthSide_Snipers. Some of the old school players left the union and then we needed someone to figure out where to take the union. I was voted for the position of Don. At one point we were 5 familes strong. We had some great wars, 2 stick out in my mind: fighting against the old die-hard DG families for BA and then when we decided to war against Generations for control of Chicago. After some time as Don, life got crazy busy and I stepped down as Don. I also wanted to do my own thing and spend some time with IU and some time with Ronin. I took a break from the game for over a year and here I am ... back from the dead.
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    • Originally posted by DANTEGOTTI1 View Post
      Here ye, hear ye listen by ti i have the game be like dante gotti but , i have come back from my retirement send 52 hitters clean istanbul ,hit all iu ii ,cheese fams & 1020 clean nyc for now twit hits hard !
      Most legendary post of the thread.


      • Originally posted by BlueLisa View Post
        Just under 4 years ago I started this game (no clue what round that was). I was not Lollipop till like my 4-5th round....dont remember my original name. I started in a family called Cassetta Guards. Jackie D-Amico was boss. Shortly after I started he decided that he wanted to take out NYU. Me being the total noob I was had no clue that our 1 family could not do at that time there were a lot of Gambino/Prophecy and Cosa families running NY. We got our butt beat. Jackie took off and left us.....I had no clue what to do so I went and joined Omerta with Cali 27 he was a pretty cool dude and gave me some good insight into how i had been in a bad place and how to play the game as jackie never taught anything just screamed when you did it wrong. I was happy there till someone in NYU complained to pops about the fact that I had been in cassetta hitting them and needed to go. So boom I am kicked from omerta. So i wondered around lost for a bit and met Teds, Naor, 666, Nosz and J-tweezy we made up Jedis. That was fun for a while I learned a lot.....down the road a bit we decided Teds needed to go so the rest of us started up Hells. Hells was a kicking family. We ran with ronin for a while till ICM ticked us off and we took over LP till they were no longer then we moved to sydney and that is where hells retired many months later. Myself and a few other of the original hells peeps then came to ICS. The rest is history I have been ics ever since and will remain it for the remainder of my tmb career.
        Lollipop...I miss you girl


        • Originally posted by Jackie_D-Amico View Post
          Lollipop...I miss you girl
          She is still playing?

          Or was it you that got grounded by mum? I forget


          • I will type my novel 1 day. started end of round 17
            Sup my peeps! =)


            • I started playing TMB somewhere in the teen rounds. I believe I found the link on College Humor. I started with Custos_Cohors where Maximus aka Katie was the boss. It was a hitman contract family. The reason it was created was due to all the families with NAP's that couldn't actually hit someone themselves. Obviously, this taught me a lot about killing. Back then killing was fun and, wasn't a participation trophy gimmick. I would guess, I spent a couple of years there. Then came a time when contract killing was no longer in demand and, the family lost direction.

              So I had had a good report with the Skids for about a year. I decided it was time to move on. The Skids took me in and, it was then that I discovered what I had truly been looking for on the game. With the Skids I learned how much damage a family of no supporters could do. The family could bring a union to it's knees. After a while my original family Custos started to dissolve. I had several old family members imploring me to start a family with them. After a few rounds of back and forth Calais, Holt, Powderpuff and, I decided to create the Circus_Nuts.

              The Circus was similar to the Mansion in many ways. In other ways we pushed the envelope farther. After a round or two Calais & Holt had a falling out. Which left me to take the reigns. I would like to say we developed a fearsome reputation as a family not to be trifled with. We had some of the most vicious killers and smack talkers ever compiled into one family. There would be rounds where we would hit with the Skids to wipe out an entire city. Mostly though we tried to mess with the cream of the crop rankwhoring families. Which we did to great effect.

              Players that shaped me were Matty, Katie, Torm, Napalm Death, Kitty, Mickyknox. Players I helped shape through the Circus_Nuts were Powderpuff, Santoro, Greasynipples, Bacharach Cadillac, Blink, Blind, Miss Coley, 800lb Gorilla, etc. Families I admired and respected were Skidmark, Inner Circle, Whiskey Hooligans and, Men In Tights.

              I was fortunate never to join a family that sucked. Which there are only a few of us that can say that. If you ever belonged to a Union. I have news you were a sheep and, your family sucked.

              I was also a Moderator recruited by Sassyfrass. I went by the name Almost Naked. I conducted several player interviews. I feel the staff at that time was all pretty close as well.

              These day I'm back with the Skids. The Nuts ran their course. I had real life pull me away where I could no longer give the game or my family the attention it deserved.


              • You ve been a Mafioso since Aug 28th, 2005

                Names: Bobby, Bobby_Blunts.
                Started with my own family, and did that for first 100 rounds. Made a family called Bank once. Invited to Skidmark to be Kitty's poolboy. Did a couple interviews. Currently parked in Nameless. Everything else is classified.



                • Originally posted by Musubi View Post
                  Bah! Noob!
                  Both you guys are noobs


                  • You've been a Mafioso since Jul 03rd, 2005

                    If you know what round that was, please let me know.

                    I spent my first half round finding my feet and honing my skills. My first move in the game was sending some fella a million dollars and offering my respect, then I killed him. I was ready.
                    My first family was built with work colleges and our real life family members. We worked at an abattoir and were all members of the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union. The Butchers Union went from zero to a dozen members overnight and at the time we all agreed it was the most fun you could have with your pants on.
                    From memory the original crew were as followed.
                    I believe our greatest achievement, as a family, was recruiting one of the most famous and loved Mafioso's the game has ever seen, KittyKali. Truth is, she recruited us. (RIP Kitten, still miss you everyday xxx)
                    TheButchersUnion was like a shooting star, we soared low across the night sky of TMB and then burnt out as fast as we arrived. I cant tell you how many rounds we lasted, maybe about 30 at most. Our main adversary at the time was a 2 family crew from Chicago, LilTownHustlers. It was your basic war, they hit us because some (most) of our members were loose, we made a NAP with them the next round and then mid round smashed the piss out of them (as you do). They then bitch slapped us for the next 3 rounds. Fun stuff. *Shout out to any of them guys that are still around. During this time we also changed names here and there for one off rounds then switched back to The Butcher Union. We ran as TheBlackPearl, MulletPride and AustralianMade.
                    It all came to a crashing end with a real life fight between me and UncleChopChop. (we made up in real life but sadly The Butchers Union died out)
                    My next family was Illuminati Hunters, where I was mentored by a guy called CyrusTheVirus/SteelTiger. In the beginning I had joined them to try and bring them down from the inside, however, after a few rounds I decided that Cyrus wasnt such a bad guy and was charged with starting the Illuminati Hunters 2, which I ran for a while. I never did get into the whole respect and honor thing and was constantly in trouble with the Illuminati hierarchy for telling them, without much provocation, to 'get fucked'.
                    I moved on and bounced around a lot, mostly staying in families for one or two rounds, Inked, Project_Mayhem, SlaughterHouse to name a few. Until, I could take it no more, I gave in to Kitty's constant nagging and joined her in Skidmark_United. I knew from day one, I was home.

                    Thats where I stayed until the day the music died, the day Skidmark died...

                    I never really stopped logging on, I jumped in and out of the game for years mostly just for a look and see what was going on, it never dragged me back in, until on one such occasion, last year, I got talking to Domenico and he convinced me to join Nameless. What I found was a great group of guys an girls that played the game for fun, but also punched above their weight in the ranking game. All my years playing, I was most proud of the fact I was sporting a 10 year badge that was clean of medals. Dom fucked this up when in the first round in Nameless we hit a bronze family medal, I had asked him to boot me before EOR and was told, you could no longer leave families, I was stuck... Im still pissed at you for this, Dom! ;-) As the rounds started rolling by I was happy and had committed to being Nameless for good. I was home again.

                    Then I was hit in the face with a brick, KittyKali passed away. Not many people know that Skidmark actually has a facebook page, a few of us were on there airing our grief and it was decided that Skidmark would have a tribute round in honor of Kitty. During this round we all had so much fun catching up we needed to let it go into the next round, and then the next, and the next... we all agree we cant let it go, Skidmark must live on...And it will.

                    If I was to do shout outs I would surely miss to many people, so I thank every mafioso that has ever played the game, with a special mention to the current Skidmark crew and an extra special mention to Matty, for creating the greatest brotherhood in TMB history.

                    Long Live Skidmark_United

                    Lastly a big thankyou to Domenico and all the Nameless crew for making the game fun for me again, I would be Nameless to this day, but a Skid cant clean his stripe.

                    LLKK LLUCC
                    STRAYA KUNTS!
                    LLSU FYUU LLBU


                    • Originally posted by Shade View Post
                      I joined up in like round 113. Started off with Pandoras_Box, old school killing family. We used to kill just for the fun of it. No killer ranks back then and we sure as hell earned our respect back then. I remember the Liverpool wars and raping ICS for rounds
                      Let's get this straight....I was boss of ICS_Gaurds at the time we went to war with you guys...If you even want to call it a war...We continued to collect and still left y'all 0d


                      • Wow Knoxie... Didn't know you've been playing that long. You are one of the originals!
                        TMB Moderator

                        Message me if you have questions about the forums or the game.


                        • respects

                          RIP Kitty :'(


                          • Dg4L if anyone can remember