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Frequently Asked Questions


1 - What are the promotion options in the family options, and what do they mean?

  1. You can organize your family using an authentic Mafia family hierarchy. The Boss of a family is able to promote family members to Consigliere, Bruglione, Underboss, Captain, and Soldier.
  2. A family can have only one Boss and one Consigliere. There is no limit to how many members can be promoted to the rest of the positions.
  3. A Consigliere is the Boss's confidant and has the same abilities as the Boss himself except the Consigliere cannot fire the Boss or disband the family.
  4. Just below the Consigliere is the Bruglione. The Brugs have the power to change family media, and send invites to potential family members.
  5. The Underboss is the next level of seniority. They are trusted veterans of the game that are ready to step up if people above them falter.
  6. A Captain acts like a lieutenant, leading his own section of the family. The key to being a successful Captain is making money.
  7. Soldiers do the "dirty work". A soldier is the lowest rank among made men. They're part of the family, but they hold little power and make relatively little money. The number of soldiers that belong to any given Captain can vary tremendously.

2- Where is the game chatbox??

  1. The web chat is off.

3 - How do you invite a player to join your family?

  1. In the family options, type or paste the persons name in the invite section, and then press update.

4 - Can you leave a family?

  1. No. The MAIN ROUND rules are ste to no leaving or disbanding families. There are exceptions to this rule in Turbo rounds sometimes, when this is disabled. Turbo round rules are randomized

5 - How do I promote someone in my family?

  1. In the "promote mafioso" section of the family options, select the name of the person you want to promote, and then what rank you want to give that person, and press update.

6 - How come the game says .... planes/automobiles are too well guarded?

  1. You need to have at least 4 Gulf Stream jets or one Boeing to steal planes. Automobiles operate under the same principle. You need to have some to facilitate stealing some! you also need to make sure that you kill all defensive's before trying to steal their cars/planes

7 - Can I change my player name?

  1. Once you pick a name for a round, it stays that way until the next round. You can choose a new name at the start of each round if you wish.

8 - Who is the best defensive unit?

  1. Hitmen are better killers than Thugs, thugs are better killers than Bodyguards.

9 - What are the best guns?

  1. Ak's kill more than Uzi's, Uzi's kill more than shotguns, and shotguns kill more than Glocks. The best guns are given to the best units, e.g., if you have 10 hitmen, 5 thugs, and 3 bodyguards, 10 Ak's, 5 Uzi's, and 3 shotguns, the hitmen will have the Ak's, thugs will have Uzi's, and the bodyguards will have the shotguns.

10 - Can you have family alliances?

  1. Yes. Make sure all of your family is aware of the families in your alliance. Also keep in mind it is your job to inform others of alliances. There is nothing in the game that directly tells people of your alliances, other than whatever you may have put on your profile.
  2. The Boss of any family can also form union of unlimited number of families, in the main round, by selecting the Create Union option on the Family Settings Page

11 - How can someone be worth so much, so early?

  1. Perhaps they are a supporter. It is easy to become a supporter; the "buy turns" link is at the bottom of every page. There are also different ways of making money, depending on how you build your character.

12a - Explain the way protection works, when it says "this mafioso is protected for xx seconds" at the bottom of my screen?

  1. When you hire, produce, or collect, you will be protected for a period of time relative to the number of turns you use. So if you use 30 turns, you get 30 seconds of protection. You will only be protected for a maximum of 60 seconds regardless of how many turns you use at a time.

12b - Is that protection from attacks?

  1. Yes. But it's just meant to protect you while you are getting ready. For example, you need some defensive units, so you hire them, and the protection gives you time to go buy them some guns. You have a little protection to get ready and avoid getting attacked while you are preparing yourself.

13 - If I post a complaint on the support link, will other players see it?

  1. No. The only people who can view the posts are staff members, and they will be quick to help you out.
  2. You can also log complaints by going to the Main Page Link and clicking the name of ANY staff member online to tell them your problem

14 - Can I change my Password?

  1. Yes. Go to My Account on the TOP RIGHT of the Site pages. There is a section where you can change your password.

15 - Why are we not allowed to swear on message boards or in chat, yet the game has some swear words in it?

  1. There is NO swearing on the Recruiting or Help Forums. You can, however, swear on the other boards (but keep it to a minimum), and the FreeForAll chat room, and you can do whatever you like in your family chat room and message board as they are not monitored. Profiles, or profile pictures/media that get complaints, will be dealt with accordingly.

16 - If I choose to quit playing, or if I was banned for a rules violation, can I get a refund for the turns that I purchased?

  1. No, there are no refunds. If you break the game rules, you are responsible for the consequences.

17 - How do i use my reserve turns?

  1. You go to main menu Just above the Game Announcements > click "you have x reserve turns " > put in the amount of turns you wish to use from reserve > apply > check your turns > and use to your hearts content.

18 - What is the attack range and revenge?

  1. The attack range is meant to keep strong mafiosos from wiping out weak ones. Your attack range is from 1/2 to 4 times your net worth. You can only attack people in your attack range.
  2. The Revenge feature is enabled when someone has attacked you, you can hit them back regardless of range, an unlimited amount of times. You can only do revenge via drive byes, and you can hit their business if they have attacked yours.

19 - What does it mean when it says "This mafioso has been attacked too much"?

  1. You initially start the first hour "maxed". After that,if you are attacked and lose 10% of your networth, you cannot be attacked again for that hour. If you lose less than 10% in the first hit then you can be attacked again until 10% of your net value is gained. The % also varies from round to round so check the round specific rules, also, please.

20 - How do I cancel my Subscription on Paypal?

  1. If you would like to cancel your subscription, log in to your PayPal account and go to the "History" sub tab of the "My Account" tab. Choose "Subscriptions" from the pull-down "Show" menu and press the "Submit" button. Choose this subscription, and click on its "Status." You will be taken to a Transaction Details page from which you may cancel your subscription. Canceling your subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments for this subscription.

21 - How do the tiers/levels work and what are the stars for?

  1. Each star represents a level of credits used. If you've used up to 999 won or bought credits for the round, you are eligible to win prizes in the level ONE and will have one star. Having a subscription or using 1000 to 24,999 credits, makes you eligible for the level 2 and you will have two stars. The same goes for the next levels; using up to 99,999, or purchasing the Titanium Black Subscription, you can place in level 3, and using above 100,000 will make you eligible for the Jackpot and level 4 prizes.

22 - Please explain the Union Notoriety Feature?

  1. Any player who is part of a union and is playing less than 3 months will add a AUTO value of $15 Billion to the union networth.
  2. Any player who is part of a union and is playing MORE than 3 months will add a AUTO value of $5 Billion to the union networth
  3. This value is not actual cash on hand, it is based on your play time so you cant use it to buy guns or drugs, etc.

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